Bryce Canyon Colours

The colours at Bryce Canyon National Park

This is a place that anyone should see, irrelevant if you are a photographer or not, it is just an amazing sight.

Getting there early in the morning can be difficult unless you are camping nearby, we had to drive in some 25 minutes at 4:30am to get ready for sunrise but when you get the light from the sun just tipping over into the canyon with all these needle type stacks of rock sticking up it is worth the burden.

The colours are amazing at sunrise, but only 20 or 30 minutes later it will all be washed out by the sun and you won’t see it.  This is a vast area and fighting for a position to get your composition right is a challenge as it does get busy with people looking for that special image.

It even snows here in the winter which would be another great viewing, these needles called “hoodoos” are quite something to see, and there are latterly hundreds and hundreds of them, mixed with trees.



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