Loch Ness

This image was taken from Fort Augustus, looking straight down Loch Ness.

This was another early morning photograph, it was calm and the cloud cover was not too bad.  The light was good and this composition came to me straight away when I arrived and the loch looked very calm.

This was not actually the first composition I took on this location, I actually took 3 images, all in different directions, one of the river heading into Fort Augustus, one of a cabin on the other side of the entrance point to the town and this one itself.

This was actually quite a pleasant morning as I remember, no-one around (which is kind of Scotland’s best asset!), very little wind, not too cold and good light with a little cloud cover with some atmosphere.

Definitely a place to return to, the views here are just great and given the right light there are endless amounts of possibilities.  Unfortunately I didn’t spot Nessy (The Loch Ness Monster), that would have been one photo I would certainly remember taking!

This image was taken with a circular polariser to get the water glare off and also helped see the rocks at the bottom.  Standard use of a tripod and the normal remote shutter with a wide angle lens (10-22mm).  I wanted to use the red post as a feature to bring the eye up from the leading line of the stones to the far off distance entrance to the other end of the loch and sky. I think I just about got it right, again I would probably return and take this one again with a full frame and different filter setup but i was pleased with the outcome.

If you take a look at the other images of Fort Augustus and the cabin, you will see the light is also quite good in them.

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