Old Man of Storr

The Old Man of Storr is a famous landmark on the Isle Of Skye.

The isle of Skye is an island off the west coast of Scotland, it can be accessed now via a bridge to the mainland and the Old Man of Storr is only 10 miles or so from Portree, up the east coast road.

This was an early start for me, the day after the annual Robbie Burns night celebrations in the hotel I was staying at in Portree.  I had to get up quite early and climb the mountain to get a good composition in time for sunrise, I fell over a few times on the ice carrying all the gear up which was quite a challenge.   I would like to go and do this image again as I have learnt so much since I took this, but I think it captured the essence of what it felt like up there with the red glowing sky from the sunrise and the ice and snow on the mountain.  The Storr rock itself is quite spectacular and I would like to try and get a different composition the next time and possibly change the setup of the gear.  I have better filters now and if I could get some good cloud movement I think I could get a better image, but this spot has been photographed by so many people and I think you have to do something different so next time I might actually stay the night on the mountain to prevent me having to get up so early and fall on my butt so many times!

I took this also with an EOS40D, which although it was a great camera it is not a full frame camera, so next time I would be taking my full frame camera to get a better composition at a wide angle.

I used a polariser and a 3 stop ND filter here with a remote shutter, manfrotto CF tripod, spirit level and a thick pair of gloves!

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