Sri Lankan Tea Farmer

Portrait of a Sri Lankan Tea Farmer

This image was taken on a tour of Sri Lanka.  We visited a tea Factory with the group, when everyone was moving on to the next part of the tour, this farmer was standing at the side of the rows and rows of tea drying out.

I waited for the group to go out of the building and asked the gentleman if I could take his photograph, well I made hand gestures and pointed at my camera and then at him, he seemed quite happy for me to carry on.

I have this image as a black and white on my wall in our living room as I just like how it tells a story about this guy who we know nothing about, he looks tired and both sad and happy at the same time.

I kept this one in colour as I’ve grown to like the colours of the green tea leaves, the iron, wood and his “clean” white clothing.

Its funny how sometimes the quick and simple image comes out better than the ones you spend hours trying to get right.

This was shot with an EOS40D, 10-22mm lens at 18mm at 1/20th sec at f11 as I wanted him and some of the leaves to be sharp but as this was not on a tripod and I was struggling with the bright light at the windows and dark interior I had to pop up the ISO, which is why it is slightly grainy. Personally I think that adds to the image.  Sri Lanka is a great place and the people are very friendly and I would recommend it highly as a trip, so much to see and so many wonderful views and monuments to capture in compositions.

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