When the weather changes

Changing weather at Badcall, North West Coast, Scotland.

This was a lesson in the weather and light.  I actually turned up here having come down from the North Coast, I could see the weather out on the atlantic coming in and I wanted to get some images before it took all the light away, I drove passed Upper Badcall and found this spot where I could get an image out to the ocean.

I actually took two images here, the first one was before the weather arrived, the sky had blue in it and it was late afternoon, there were clouds but no too stormy.  Then the weather arrived and I got the second image (which I prefer) as it just shows more atmosphere and gave so much more colour to the composition.

The lesson here is that just because there is bad weather coming, it doesn’t mean you can’t get good images, the clouds add atmosphere if they are not just a blanket grey, but they also act as a diffuser to the harsh sun of the day giving a more subtle lighting and you can pick out the highlights and shadows a little easier.


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