Zion Sunrise

Sunrise at Zion National Park

Zion National park is in the corner of Utah, next to the borders with Arizona and Nevada, it’s a great place to start a circle tour of the canyons and sites of Utah and Arizona and its a short drive up from Las Vegas (where you can have some me time before you start).

It is a very nice area, the mountains are quite special and the area is green and full of vegetation.  You can stay overnight in accommodation on site and there is campsites also if you are that way inclined.

There are some great hikes and routes to go walking along here, but I was interested in getting the light at sunrise which in my opinion is the best time to get it (unlucky for us photographers).

There are mountain lions, bears and rattle snakes in Zion so I took a big stick with me when I went out early in the morning to get the shot, but it was worth the paranoia and constant looking over my shoulder!

It was quite windy in the morning and I had a lot of movement on bushes in the foreground, but sometimes you just have to put up with that and maybe crop or adjust your composition to cater for it.


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